Best Ergonomic Mice Review 2017: Choosing The Right Mouse For Your Wrist To Ease Pain


carpal tunnel syndrome wrist pain

Choosing the right mouse for your wrist is critical if you work long hours with your computer. Whether sitting in the office or working from home for extended hours constantly clicking and moving the wrist can eventually damage the wrist.

The problem exists with the angle in which the hand and wrist is positioned unnaturally, where the twist of the forearm happens when using a conventional mouse as opposed to a vertical mouse.

The following shows the problems of using a conventional mouse as opposed to an ergonomic mouse:ergonomic mouse forearms comparison review

Why You Should Use An Ergonomic Mouse:


One of the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is associated with the repeated use of the same wrist movements while it is bent below your hands, causing swellings that narrows the tunnel resulting the median nerve to be compressed. 

I was having the symptoms myself after using extended periods with a standard horizontal mouse. I did not know at the time what the real cause of my tingling sensation of pain was coming from in my wrist and forearm. I then found out that the solution was to use a vertical positioned mouse instead. After doing much research and from personal use, I found the following to be the best ergonomic mice in the market (as of 2017) that I recommend getting:

#1  Evoluent Ergonomic Vertical Mouse (Small)

There are different versions available with the Evoluent series: Wireless, Regular or Small size, Right or Left hand.

It is undoubtedly a top ergonomically designed, if not the best. It features 5 buttons (three on the side; two around the thumb) for further customization, adjustment of sensitivity (hi, mid, low, extra low), with effortless clicking. Within minutes of usage the pain in my forearms and wrist was completely gone. The price was steep (around $100) but well worth it, however now at Amazon it is much less than what I had paid for back then in 2011 when I got it as my first ergonomic mouse.

Testimonials (Evoluent Vertical Mouse):

  • “This exceptional replacement mouse’s unique upended, ergonomic design provides surprising comfort”; 4.5 stars.  (PC World)
  • “Within minutes the surprising comfort of working at an upright angle completely won me over.” (BusinessWeek Online)
  • “It’s surprisingly comfortable and familiar.” (Wall Street Journal)
  • “Tension in the wrist dimishes after only a few minutes of use.” (O Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil)

#2  Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

This was my second ergonomic mouse after Evoluent and fit my hands quite well (I have a medium sized hand). Currently the Anker mouse has an overall rating of 4.5 stars both on Amazon and on the manufacture’s website. You will get the feeling of a ‘handshake’ with a diagonal design where the Evoluent is almost vertical. It is comfortable, simple and lightweight in design, with a bit of a firm click required than the Evoluent. It is arguably the cheapest ergonomic mouse you can get with a solid built.

Testimonials (Anker Mouse):

  • “Very comfortable and is releasing tension on my sore right arm. I’l never go back to a traditional mouse.”
  • “The Anker vertical mouse is a fantastic deal for the price. It’s a solid, well built device.”
  • “I love this mouse when it comes to ergonomics. Very good quality. It has standby mode to save battery when it’s not used which is great.”

Other Options:

There are many ergonomic mice in the market today and there are other options such as 3M, DXT 2 which might be worth looking into. On the other hand, I don’t recommend Kensington trackball as it tension on the wrist (due to upward bending) or in the thumb in the case of Logitech M570. Also you end up cleaning out the trackball every now and then due to dust build up.


Switching To A Vertical Mouse, A Life Changer.

  1. Avoid permanent damage on your wrist
  2. No more pain with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  3. More productivity!

In addition, I recommend finding out simple stretching methods for your hands. There are many great tips and simple exercises out there to alleviate the pain. Check out my exercises here.