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I am a professional musician working in the music industry working with digital audio workstations and computers, with the experience of using ergonomic mouse. I am always working in my studio dealing with the mouse on a daily basis. I soon found out that I needed a healthy lifestyle in order to sustain my work for longer hours which motivated me to get the best comfortable mouse out there. Also I desire to help anyone find the best ergonomic mouse for their needs.

After trying out various of different computer mice in the market and reading many reviews, I have narrowed down my options and want to share my best recommendation.

If you are looking for a solution and considering a better mouse because you are troubled with having carpal tunnel syndrome or an arthritis or simply not sure why your wrist is hurting, what I consider to be the top two ergonomic mouse can be found at my site,

==> Best Ergonomic Mice 2017 | Recommended

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